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Frequently Asked Questions.

We have had some great questions regarding this offer that may help you better understand your options. If you have a question that hasn't been addressed in our FAQ section, we encourage you to email customer service and we will be happy to assist.

Q. What's included as part of this offer?
A: All the details specific to this offer can be found on the About This Offer page.

Q. What types of hotels are available?
A: The hotels used are three and four star properties. Standard rooms only. To see the hotels available for each destination, Click Here.

Q: Can we upgrade our room to a two-bedroom?
A: Yes, if two-bedroom rooms are available at the selected property and those rooms are available at the time of booking. Ask your One Stop Travel reservation's specialist if you need a two-bedroom and we will do everything we can to find those accommodations for you.

Q: How much advanced notice is required before we can travel?
A: All bookings must be finalized 45-days ahead of the requested travel date.

Q. Is my $90 deposit refundable?
A: No. However, the entire $90 deposit will be applied to the cost of your trip at the time of booking.

Q: When is the balance for my trip due?
A: The remaining balance minus the $90 deposit is due at the time of booking.

Q: Is this offer transferable?
A: Yes. This offer is transferable provided it's transferred before the reservation request form is submitted.

Q: Is there an expiration date for this offer?
A: You must book your travel within 18-months from the date of purchase.

Q. What is the dining card?
A. The dining card is a discount card that can be used at numerous locations which will give you discounts from 10% to 50% off your food bill. The card is good until you have used the value of the card.

Q: When do we get our attractions tickets?
A: All travel documents including tickets applicable to this offer will be sent to you two weeks after your booking is finalized and we've received payment in full.

Q: Can I exchange my attraction tickets for other attraction tickets?
A: No. The attraction tickets you receive as part of this promotional offer are not exchangeable and have no cash value.

Q: Can we book extra nights through you?
A: Absolutely. We are a full-service travel agency and can assist you with extra night bookings, car rental, additional attractions tickets, other excursions and more! Simply ask your One Stop reservation's specialist for details.

Q. How many people can stay in our hotel room?
A: Only two adults and two children under the age of 15 are permitted per room.

Q. Do I have to take any kind of tour to take advantage of this offer?
A: Never. There are no timeshare or other tours required as part of this offer. Further, you will not be solicited to take any kind of timeshare or other tour during your trip. If you are, it is completely independent of this offer.

Q. Are there any blackout dates?
A: The only blackout periods are the week before and after Christmas and Easter.

Q. Are taxes included?
A: No. You are responsible for all applicable taxes at the time of booking.

Q. Can I cancel at any time?
A: If you need to cancel, we require 14-days advanced notice. In some cases, hotels will not allow cancellation at all. If the hotel does not allow cancellation, your booking and all applicable fees will be lost.

Q. How much are the taxes?
A: Taxes are not determined by One Stop Travel. For this reason, all applicable taxes will be calculated and applied at the time of booking.

Q. What is the Photo On Canvas?
A. We’re now proud to include an 8”x10” photo on canvas as part of your Stay and Splash package. The photo on canvas is a unique product that lets you take any picture from your trip and transform it into an amazing canvas work of art. We’ve partnered with Canvas On Demand, the premier company for photo on canvas product. Note: It is available for shipping in the US and Canada only.

Q. Are there any additional costs for the Photo on Canvas?
A. Yes. Depending on where you live, state sales tax may apply. Shipping costs are also applicable and your responsibility at the time you redeem your photo on canvas. This cost is $14.95 for delivery anywhere in the US. Additional shipping costs may apply for international orders (available for shipping in the US and Canada only). For more details, visit http://www.canvasondemand.com/help/faq/.

Q. How long do I have to send in the picture?
A. Your code will never expire, so take your time and pick out that perfect waterpark vacation photo.

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